About Me



My current profile is available on the website of the  GULP  project portal for you to view or download:


I have been able to substantiate my practical experience and knowledge with theory via the following further training:

Since 2014 I have been a member of the PMICC - the local Chapter of the Project Management Institutes (PMI) in Cologne.

What do I stand for?

My aim is to conduct methodologically sound and sustainable management with you for the duration of a project. Careful analysis of the project's goals and participants are decisive criteria for the early stages. My mainstays are providing specific advice on the project scope, selection of an appropriate methodological approach for your organization and the project, and open project communication and collaboration with the project team as per a servant leadership approach.

Task areas within a project cycle are very diverse, and provide me with a lot of fun, and feedback from all stakeholders is always welcome. I see myself not just as an external service provider, but as a partner who is pursuing a common goal, drives upcoming tasks, who thinks in an entrepreneurial and strategic manner.

Employment history

I started my first project during my studies together with an artist friend: The creation of an online gallery in 1998. At the time, and with very keen interest, at its height we were able to exhibit more than 1,000 pictures and objects of up to 25 artists.

After completing my studies in business computer science, I began to support the development of Internet portals as an e-commerce project manager. After a short time I joined HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt, where, among other things, I was employed in one of the largest software implementation projects of the Bank's history. A desire for change and the intent to make a new beginning initially led me to Senegal in 2007. As a development worker in an orphanage I supported the local agencies for 3 months. Then I spent two years in Canada, where I worked among other things for SharePoint projects and providing training at the US Embassy in Ottawa.

After my return, I was at Omikron Systemhaus for almost three years working for projects in the field of banking payments, whereby I was responsible for various financial services in other European countries. Since 2014 I have been offering my expertise as a freelancer.

"It isn't the goal of the walk that is important, but the small steps that lead there." - Chinese Proverb